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Limson Trading carefully evaluates demand for different products in North America, and when opportunities are identified, we source products to fit those needs. Our product line decisions are based on natural habitats for meat & seafood products, ideal climates for growing fruit and vegetable crops and efficient supply for various other items.

Our flexibility as a global sourcing company allows us to procure any product, whether it’s a specific variety of seafood or an exotic fruit from a unique region of the world. Contact us so we can find the right products for you.

Honesty and Integrity

We've made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to always operate responsibly with honesty and integrity. The commodity industry can be difficult to regulate, and unfortunately, some companies are only in the business to move product and make profits.

We realize that strict standards and specifications are necessary for your complete satisfaction and our credibility. Despite the challenges, we’ve worked hard to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with suppliers. We will not compromise our integrity and reputation in this industry.

All of our products are sold at 100% net weight, and we guarantee that our product label holds the exact item specifications you expect.